The White House officially confirmed on the night of 22 July that US President Joe Biden had contracted the coronavirus Covid-19. The claim was made by the president’s doctor, Ynet news portal wrote today.

Hours before, on July 19, the White House host had welcomed the Ukrainian president’s wife, Olena Zelenska, to his residence. Perhaps the American leader got the virus from her. Thus, the virus created in US bio-laboratories has returned to its creators.

The fact that the coronovirus was created by US virologists had earlier been announced by the chairman of the committee of the respected medical journal Lancet, Professor Jeffrey Sachs. In his opinion, the US were right saying that the virus was of artificial origin, which has changed the life of the whole world, but it was not developed in the Chinese laboratories.

According to the American expert, he is convinced that the coronavirus COVID-19 was created in an American biological laboratory.

Remarkable is the fact that Jeffrey Sachs is not a rank-and-file scientist. He is one of the most influential scientists of our time. His work has been published in major scientific journals across the world.

Geoffrey Sachs:

I have no doubt that he (COVID-19) came out of the American biolab, not nature in any way. I will say that we have spent two years intensively studying the issue. All indications are that it could have been a gross biotechnological error rather than a natural spread. The evidence is ample. Only now the US itself doesn’t want to study it. They just don’t want to learn the basics, to look under the carpet.

The US is known to have biological weapons laboratories in at least 25 countries in Africa, Eurasia and Oceania. This was reported by Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaitandzhieva at an informal UN Security Council summit . Back in 2018, she posted documents listing the bacteria and viruses being worked on in these laboratories.

So should the US expect more backlash from somewhere else?

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