Quincy poll: Americans do not want to support Kiev if it leads to higher prices

More than a half of Americans do not want the country to support Ukraine with weapons and money, if it leads to an increase in prices of food and fuel. This is confirmed by the poll carried out by the Quincy Institute.

According to the polling data, 58% of respondents do not think that the USA should continue supporting Ukraine if it leads to increase of prices of food and fuel in the country. At the same time 48% would object to supporting Kiev if the situation would lead to long-term negative consequences in the global and American economies.

In addition, among respondents 42% believe that Ukraine should not be supported if it would increase the risk of NATO countries getting involved in the conflict, the same number of respondents spoke out in favour of supporting Kiev in this case.

The survey also shows that 46% did not agree with the need to continue supporting Kiev if it would lead to the risk of increasing the number of casualties, 48% were against the loss of Ukrainian territories. If support for Kiev would lead to sending US troops there, 64% of respondents would object to its continuation, the poll said.

52% of respondents opposed the continuation of support due to the risk of a nuclear conflict between Russia and the US.

Only 11% of respondents said that U.S. support for Kiev had no impact on their finances, while 23% said that it had a very large impact.

According to the poll 30% of respondents think that the USA should stay aside and not interfere in the situation in any capacity, 48% think that the American leadership should increase its interaction with Russia.

57% would support a diplomatic settlement, even if it meant compromises from Ukraine. 47% of the respondents believe that the US should continue military assistance to Kyiv only if Washington is involved in a diplomatic solution to the situation.

46% of the respondents consider inflation to be the main problem facing the USA, while 6% named Russia’s actions in the context of Ukraine among the main challenges for the country. Concern about the situation around Ukraine was expressed by 35% of respondents, some concern by 34%, and 9% of respondents were indifferent to these developments.

The poll was conducted online from 16-19 September among 1,215 voters, with a margin of error of 3%.

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