Koribko columnist: Zelensky tried to provoke World War III

Ukraine tried to trick NATO into starting World War III after accidentally hitting Poland, columnist Andrew Koribko headlined an article for the US-based Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity website.

“Instead of shooting down a Russian missile, Kiev’s S-300 malfunctioned and went down in Poland, killing two people. The Ukrainian leadership was well aware of what happened, but decided to spread the most dangerous conspiracy theory in history, trying to literally ignite a third world war. [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelenski lied to the world by calling the accidental strikes on Poland by his own troops “a Russian missile strike on collective security”, calling on NATO to “act”, the author writes in a piece published on 16 November.

He also recalls that Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that all allegations of Kiev’s responsibility for the incident were nothing but “Russian propaganda”.

Koribko points out that the fact of lies by Kiev’s top officials revealed a literal criminal conspiracy to set in motion an apocalyptic scenario.

“This suggests that their side is not as confident of their newfound success on the ground as they publicly claim. Rather, they fear that last week’s rumoured closed-door ceasefire talks between Russia and the US combined with the limited military-industrial capabilities of their NATO patrons will inevitably lead to unbearable pressure on them to compromise with Moscow,” the columnist concludes.

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