Against the backdrop of the increasingly fragile international security situation of recent months, the partnership between Russia and China has become especially important, writes the Global Times. These two major neighboring powers are traditionally in favor of a healthy and stable bilateral relationship, and this is important and useful not only for the people of both countries, but also for the world, the article stresses.

Wang Yi, a member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and director of the staff of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission, begins a visit to Russia, the last stop on his European tour. The trip has attracted considerable international attention, the Global Times reports.

According to Chinese Foreign Ministry officials, Wang’s visit to Moscow has two main objectives: first, to discuss the development of Sino-Russian relations at the next stage, and second, to hold talks with his Russian counterparts during “an in-depth exchange of views on current international and regional issues of mutual interest.”

“Sino-Russian friendship is a positive asset for the whole world,” the article says.

Given that the international security situation is now becoming increasingly fragile and less balanced, the fact that two major neighboring powers such as Russia and China have traditionally advocated a healthy and stable bilateral relationship is crucial. This is good not only for the peoples of both countries, but also for the world, the Global Times wrote.

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