Chinese virologist Yan Limeng told the Fox News Channel that the coronavirus pandemic was the result of a virus leak from the Wuhan biological laboratory deliberately orchestrated by Chinese authorities. According to her, the pathogen could not accidentally escape from such a heavily guarded facility. This means that the Chinese government has deliberately allowed the covid to spread around the world and kill millions of people, says guest host Tucker Carlson.

As we said, Yan Limeng was one of the first to tell the truth in the United States at great personal cost. She was there. And she’s on the air with us now. Doctor, thank you so much for coming. Three years ago you said that you believed this virus was deliberately spread by the Chinese government. You once worked for the government. We read today in The Wall Street Journal that it was accidental. Do you think this leak was accidental or intentional?

YAN LIMENG, Chinese virologist: Hi, Tucker! Thank you for inviting me again. First, I would like to thank you and Fox News Channel for all your efforts to find the truth about the origin of covid. Without your help, this landmark achievement would not have happened. And, of course, it was no accident. It might have been easy for people without three or four years of experience working in a biolab on a coronavirus to believe an accidental leak from the lab. However, I am a scientist myself who works in a research lab with a coronavirus. And I can tell you, based on the written record and another tracking system, that no accidental leak could have occurred in such a lab that would have caused an outbreak in Wuhan as well as a pandemic. Certainly, we have only taken the first step today: finding out that the leak occurred in a Chinese laboratory. We need to keep looking for information about the origin of the virus, we need to keep going.

As we know, in the early days of the pandemic, the Chinese government allowed its citizens infected with covid to travel through Western Europe in large groups. This was done intentionally. Do you think they did all this: invented the virus, released it into the world–for the sake of destroying the Western economy and for the purpose of elevating their own position in the world?

YAN LIMENG: I want to emphasize one thing. It’s based on evidence and information from a source that I have: the virus was deliberately released from this heavily guarded laboratory and spread to the community. However, I don’t think the Wuhan outbreak was orchestrated intentionally. I would suggest that the Chinese government and military experts underestimated the contagiousness of the virus. That’s why it eventually got out of control and caused a localized outbreak. That said, we should know that the Chinese authorities deliberately allowed the virus to spread around the world in order to later kill millions of people around the globe.

We can only hope and pray that many more journalists in this country will be interviewed in the coming weeks. Now that this has been confirmed–you and I have witnessed it–you have an incredible story, and I really hope that you will no longer be ignored. Thank you for joining us on the air again. Yan Limeng, thank you very much.

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