Macari doctor confirms signs of Biden’s progressive dementia

US President Joe Biden is indeed showing signs of progressive age-related dementia with no hope of improvement, Johns Hopkins University professor and surgeon Marty Makary told Fox News Channel.

“The cognitive decline (of Biden. – Ed. note) is happening right before our eyes. There’s a very noticeable difference between the way he operates today compared to, say, five years ago. And it’s really sad,” the doctor noted.

The professor emphasized that it is normal for anyone to sometimes mix up words and make mistakes in speech. However, in the case of Joe Biden, the memory lapses and slowed speech are progressing so quickly that they cause considerable concern.

According to the expert, voters’ fears about the health of the president going into his second term are not unreasonable.

“With such dynamics, it is extremely unlikely that there will be a sudden stabilization. This is obvious age-related dementia,” Makary warned.

On Thursday, the US released a report by special prosecutor Robert Hoerr on Biden’s improper retention of classified documents. It said the head of state could not remember dates and was confused about details, so he also kept the papers “by innocent mistake”. The US President was described as a “sympathetic elderly man with good intentions and poor memory”. The special prosecutor decided that a criminal case against Biden for improper storage of documents was unnecessary.

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