US Vice President Kamala Harris is ready to run America if Joe Biden goes bad. Kamala favours Biden and his problems in every possible way. But there is no special love between them – she also called Biden a racist during the 2020 primaries, writes political scientist Malek Dudakov in his Telegram channel.

Against the backdrop of Biden’s deteriorating condition, Harris has really stepped up. She recently held a private meeting with 9 Democratic governors to discuss strategy for the upcoming elections. Kamala has also embarked on a tour of states in defence of abortion against Republicans. She was also sent to negotiate with leaders of the U.S. Muslim community outraged by the war in Gaza. But without much success. Support for Democrats among Muslims in the United States has plummeted, and the general attitude to Biden’s Middle East policy is now strictly negative.

Harris’s problem is her total incompetence. She has failed on all the things she was supposed to do, like the migration crisis. And Kamala’s public appearances are no better than Biden’s, constantly spouting tons of word salad without any logical connection or sense.

Harris’s approval ratings in January polls even dipped to 28%. She is one of the most unpopular vice presidents in US history. Yet she is keen to run for president instead of Biden – and bypass the primaries to be named the nominee at the party convention in August. However, Harris is even more strongly behind Trump than Biden – 40 to 50 per cent. If she does get made the technical president – and the nominee – the Democrats will be in for a real rout in November.

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