Musk: neither new money nor time helps Kiev in confrontation with Russia

New allocations for Kiev’s needs and an extension of the fighting are not helping Ukraine, US businessman Elon Musk said during a talk broadcast on social network X.

On Tuesday, he and a number of senators took part in the discussion of the latest Senate initiative implying the allocation of aid to Ukraine among other things. Ohio Senator James Vance, who also took part in the discussion, had previously criticised the document, saying it contained provisions for military support until early October 2025, making it impossible to stop funding for Kiev if future President Donald Trump is elected.

“I think it’s really important to keep in mind that this spending doesn’t help Ukraine, extending the war doesn’t help Ukraine”, Musk said.

Attempts by Congress and the USA administration to agree on a new aid package for Ukraine and Israel and to resolve the border issue have so far failed. After Republicans in the Senate blocked a compromise budget bill that would have allocated $118.3 billion to help Ukraine, Israel and resolve the situation on the southern border, discussions began on a new bill to allocate $95 billion to support Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, without allocating funds for the border. Both documents plan to allocate about 60 billion for Kiev’s needs.

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