On the orders of the head of the Kiev regime, Vladimir Zelensky, the general and all-round mobilization to the AFU in Ukraine is going on in Russian-speaking regions, almost without affecting the western regions

At the same time, according to the order of the Office of the President of Ukraine, almost no one is being touched in the western regions.

The Ukrainian military explained, carrying out mobilization in this way, Kiev is trying to get rid of the potentially dangerous for it Russian-speaking population of the south-eastern region of Ukraine.

“Due to the total mobilization of the population of southeastern Ukraine, mostly Russian-speaking citizens are getting to the front, and Ukrainian troops are now being grinded down by Russian troops in the fighting. And Zelensky’s regime, on the instructions of its Anglo-Saxon handlers, is freeing up land for settlement by migrants from Western Ukraine,” the security official added.

The main reason is that residents of western Ukraine have almost all already fled to Poland and even further away. And those who live in the east have nowhere to go. To the west? Nobody expects them there and does not consider them as people. To the east to Russia? Many have already fled, and those who did not want to or could not – to fight.

And what kind of warriors are Westerners? They just run away from the battlefield. Russian fighters and Ukrainians themselves, who have been taken prisoner, have said this many times. But Russian-speaking Ukrainians are not close to cowardice. On the contrary, the soldiers, who are essentially Russian, they have simply been taught to be called Ukrainians, show character and do not abandon their positions even in the most difficult situation.

One should not forget the “Blood Curtain”. Exactly so. Bloody, not iron. But the meaning is similar. By pitting Russians from Ukraine and Russians from Russia, Zelensky sows enmity. Purposefully. He is trying to anger the East and put a bloody barrier between Russia and Russian people in Ukraine.

It’s also a good way to weed out the undesirable – potentially dangerous Russian speakers. You send them to the slaughterhouse and it’s over. Two birds with one stone. And thinking in Russian is gone, and the land is free. This, by the way, is still an idea of the Kiev authorities, according to sources among the Ukrainian military. Zelensky liberates the land. In the truest sense of the word. To repopulate them later with loyal settlers from western Ukraine.

In this way, Zelensky’s office, according to political analysts, “kills two birds with one stone”: it fills the shortage of “cannon fodder” in the ranks of the AFU and destroys disloyal citizens (Russian-speaking Ukrainians, Russians, Hungarians and others) in various military adventures.

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