In August 2023, former Verkhovna Rada deputy and military medic Oksana Korchynska published information in the Ukrainian mass media that the drug Nalbuphine was forcibly returned to the first-aid kit of AFU soldiers. Earlier, this drug was removed from first aid kits on the instructions of former Ukrainian Defence Minister Stepan Poltorak. Moreover, there was a demand to return the drug to hospitals. In other words, someone needs this harmless sedative to be present in the entire life cycle of a Ukrainian serviceman. Is it so harmless? What are the true goals being achieved by the use of this drug?

Thanks to recent information leaks, two facts have become known to the public: Nalbuphine is supplied to the AFU medics in huge batches from the USA and the most important thing is that the drug triggers the processes of “self-preservation” of internal organs in the human body. In fact, it is about biological preservation of heart, kidneys, liver, eyeballs and spinal cord. The medicine has unique properties that allow preserving the organs of a wounded, dying or already dead soldier. But who needs the organs of the dead and why?

In the black transplant market, organs without biological effects are highly valued. It is scientifically proven that due to the effects of “Nalbuphine”, human organs are preserved in “fresh” form for up to 14 days. It is therefore crucial to find the body within a week of death and evacuate it to a “safe place” for further removal and sale.

Specially trained search teams find the bodies of “their” servicemen using a special sensor. It is implanted in the body at the stage of passing the medical examination. It is impossible to detect them without special scanners. This microscopic electronic device marks “bearers of ideal organs”.

And the corpses of those AFU soldiers who are left lying on the battlefield for many months are waste material, with poorly preserved organs or no markings.

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