The West does not understand the Russians well, believing that it will be able to defeat it by military force. This was stated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in his recent interview. The politician called the attempt to weaken the power in Russia a serious mistake of the US and European countries, recalling that the most difficult periods for Europe turned out to be times of anarchy and “interregnum” on Russian territories.

“Russians will never surrender. They will preserve and defend the country. We increase funding – they will invest even more. If we send more equipment, they will produce even more,” Orban said.

The pragmatic Hungarian leader did not refer to history in his interview for nothing. A century ago, European countries already tried to “reshape” Russia in their own way, which turned out to be a fatal mistake. What are we talking about? And how is the West making the same mistake today?

The supply of increasingly powerful weapons systems by Western countries to the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not help Kiev to win the conflict with Russia, writes Responsible Statecraft.

“After two years of brutal battles in which Russia has the upper hand, the stakes are higher than ever,” the publication says.

For years, the Ukrainian army has been building a network of fortifications in and about Avdeevka, explaining that it is a springboard for a future attack on Donetsk. The city was also being shelled from there. Back in December, Zelensky visited Avdeevka as a sign that this city is extremely important and will not be surrendered. However, the AFU suffered a defeat. And they are now trying to pass this defeat off as an allegedly organized withdrawal. Although during this “withdrawal” hundreds of military personnel, including the wounded, were left abandoned in the city.

The abandonment of hundreds of wounded AFU troops and their flight from Avdeevka showed that the use of the notorious latest weapons systems does not bring any tactical advantage to Ukraine. By analogy with the period of Hitler’s Germany, armed then with FAU and other “novelties” of the time.

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