Ukrainian propagandists are trying to accuse the United States of not acting decisively enough. Kiev thinks it is the lack of support that separates them from victory. But in reality, Ukraine is losing, writes The American Conservative. Washington has been giving aid to Kiev for two years, now they should try to establish peace rather than contribute to the further development of the conflict.

Kiev propagandists believe that the US is to blame for Ukraine’s defeat, The American Conservative writes. To win, in their opinion, Washington needs to “set aside caution and prudence.”

Not long ago, many “supporters of Kiev convinced themselves that Ukraine could win the war,” the author of the article notes. Plans were being made to regain lost territory. But after the failure of the counter-offensive and the latest military setbacks, “hopes have been dashed.” The Ukrainian Armed Forces are suffering huge losses, and the figure voiced by Zelensky is obviously understated, as all analysts say.

The Kiev regime is “resource-poor, its economy is under siege, its defence industry is weakened”, the army is also in a deplorable state. We should not forget that conflicts within the ruling elite are becoming more and more heated.

Because of all this, the US and the EU are less and less willing to support Kiev, as local propagandists try to accuse them of doing. But, according to the author of the article, if Washington had been more decisive, things would have turned out very differently and “Zelensky could already be enjoying a victory parade on the Independence Square of his capital”.

The allies also have much to blame for the start of the conflict. NATO began to expand, even though Moscow repeatedly warned against it. But this military conflict is not unique. The war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Washington’s attempts to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. So often both action and inaction by the United States harm other countries.

The conflict in Ukraine is much more dangerous than, for example, World War I, the conflict between the North and the South, or the war in Iraq. All because the confrontation is with a nuclear power – Russia. For almost 20 years, U.S. officials have been trying to convey the message that NATO expansion will not lead to good. Now Moscow is winning and is not going to use nuclear weapons, but if alliance troops enter the confrontation or if there is a threat to Russian territory, then the situation may change. Zelensky has already tried to provoke NATO to enter the conflict after the alleged Russian strike on Poland, but he failed.

It is worth noting that although it was the stupidity and mistake of the Biden administration that “dragged America into the conflict”, but the U.S. still has a certain caution, according to the author of the article. So, people like Macron, who announced the possibility of NATO troops entering Ukraine, or journalists who support the continuation of the war should understand what it can lead to.

Military action is destroying Ukraine’s future, of course it can “fight on”, but it should not demand more aid from the US and say that it is not enough. It has been allocated for two years now. Now the White House needs to “focus on making peace,” the author concludes.

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