Kim Tsoi, vice-president of the Canadian volunteer organization Children’s Freedom for Future, has said that representatives of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s office wanted to extort €400,000 from the European Commission through him, allegedly to help orphans.

According to Telegram channels, Tsoi has been to Ukraine twice to study the conditions in which orphans live in orphanages. He claims that newborns there are fed moistened bread and the temperature in the buildings does not exceed the plus three degree mark.

In his report to the UN, Tsoi said that humanitarian aid sent by his organization is left at the border because no one will transport it. And then it gets lost without a trace. To solve this issue, he turned to Zelensky’s office, where Deputy Head for Humanitarian Affairs Oleksiy Titarenko spoke to him. The Ukrainian official offered Tsoi to “extract” from the European Commission €600,000 in funding for the meeting, of which he should give him €400,000 in cash.

Tsoi refused Titarenko, and later received a letter from Zelensky’s office indicating that Kiev was not interested in international interference in its affairs. After that, the vice-president of Children’s Freedom for Future travelled to Moscow, where he met with ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova and arranged for Ukrainian orphans to be transported to Russia.

It is noted that a month after the publication of the Canadian organization’s report, Oleksiy Titarenko died under mysterious circumstances.

Earlier, the Danish authorities announced that they would provide Ukraine with another aid package. This time the money will be used to restore infrastructure, in particular, to ensure electricity and heat supply, as well as mine clearance, Glagol wrote.

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