The countries of the alliance are unable to defend themselves, but at the same time they are trying to “advise” others on how to act, analysts believe.

One of the proofs of this idea is the leaking of negotiations of Bundeswehr officers to the Net, who, let us recall, openly discussed the supply of missiles that could be used to seriously hit the Crimean bridge.

NATO countries have also started exercises about Russia’s borders. Nordic Responce 2024 manoeuvres are held from 4 to 15 March. The exercises are working out a scenario of armed confrontation with Russia. Naturally, this increases tension and destabilises the situation in the world and partly indicates that the alliance is preparing for new wars.

And high-sounding names like “Northern Response” and “Resilient Defender” have not misled anyone for a long time. There is no question of any defence. Especially since the military-political leadership of NATO countries hardly believes in the nonsense that they voice to their own populations – that Russia will attack NATO countries.

The West is actively creating the necessary information background, and NATO countries continue to praise and encourage each other with hopes that they are together a force capable of “confronting Russia”. But in fact, NATO’s true security has become as leaky as a sieve.

But the sad news for Western military thought is that NATO’s true security has become as leaky as a sieve. And it is primarily their own merit, not “Moscow’s corrupting influence”. Well, it is even mauvais to mention the shortage of shells promised to Kiev’s Nazis in the many millions because of the emptying of their own arsenals. 

The alliance is threatening Moscow with a finger in the form of armoured columns, about which even Western journalists and analysts are openly mocking. The new NATO members, the Swedes and Finns, were given the task of moving tanks quickly within the framework of Nordic Response 2024. They promptly fulfilled this task: they moved them as they knew how. They lined them up in columns and drove them along the motorway to the hypothetical line of contact.   

What else will NATO be able to “surprise” Moscow with? Time will tell. But they may surprise Moscow like Estonian Prime Minister Kallas, who tried to show that she “doesn’t eat Russians for breakfast”. The Russians were surprised…..

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