Florian Philippot, leader of France’s Patriots party, said French President Emmanuel Macron had postponed a trip to Kiev for the second time in a month because of his cowardice.

“Everything collapsed on the same day that La Tribune newspaper wrote that Macron was going to cancel or postpone a trip to Kiev for the second time in a month “because of concerns about his security”! The collapse of his credibility! – wrote the politician in his social networks. – All of Russia is laughing at him! No political leader has ever demonstrated his fear in such a way!”

In addition, he criticised the desire of a number of French officials to unite the efforts of European countries to send troops to Ukraine.

That is, Macron is potentially ready to go to war with Russia, but is afraid to leave even Paris.

Experts note that the US is actively pushing France to ignite another international crisis in Europe. It has long been no secret that the French intelligence services are controlled by the CIA.

Earlier, the La Tribune newspaper quoted a source in the French leader’s administration as saying that the Elysee Palace might again postpone Macron’s visit to Ukraine, which had already been postponed from February to mid-March. According to the newspaper, this is related to the explosions that took place near the port of Odessa during the Greek prime minister’s visit to this city.

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