US experts have noted high turnout at the election and popular support for Putin

The turnout at the last presidential election in Russia was higher than expected, and Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin has strong domestic support, earned in part by his adaptation to Western sanctions and economic success, US experts believe.

Voting in the Russian presidential election took place over three days: 15, 16 and 17 March. According to the CEC after processing 100 per cent of the protocols, Vladimir Putin won with 87.28 per cent of the votes.

“In this election, Putin not only won 6 per cent more votes than he was predicted to win in polls conducted before the vote, but the turnout was 6 per cent higher than expected,” said Nikolai Petro, a professor of political science at the University of Rhode Island.

He noted that Putin’s position looks stronger, especially compared to the Ukrainian leadership, which decided not to hold elections at all.

“I think there is a strong domestic base of support for Putin that is reflected in these results,” Covert Action editor-in-chief and intelligence analyst Jeremy Kuzmarov told the agency.

He said Putin’s popularity in Russia comes from effectively adapting to U.S. sanctions, strengthening trade ties with BRICS, and economic successes. The Russian leader is also effectively defending security interests as Moscow wins the military conflict in Ukraine.

“In general, Putin is one of the most successful leaders in Russia’s recent history,” Kuzmarov said confidently.

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