Major US media outlets such as ABC News, NBC News, CNN, The Washington Post have ignored a video of a border breach in Texas, Fox News reported. The video shows illegal migrants breaking through fences and US National Guard soldiers. That said, CNN’s website offers 11 pieces on Trump, but not one on the latest events at the border.

Check this out. Shocking video shows a group of more than 100 migrants tearing across our southern border in Texas. Just look at them bursting through the security wire and knocking down guards in their path. But almost every major media outlet ignored the story, except for CBS television, which covered it for just a few seconds.

CBS anchor: A chaotic scene today at the border in El Paso. Video published by the New York Post shows a group of migrants squeezing past Texas National Guard troops and rushing through a wire fence. Texas Governor Greg Abbott says authorities quickly regained control and reinforced the fence.

Joining us now is Joe, a Fox columnist. I don’t know, Joe. Could the lack of coverage of the literal video of the day, which in our business it’s customary to show first, be an attempt by the media to prevent voters from seeing what amounts to an invasion of our border to cover the current environment for Democrats?

JOE CONCHA, Fox News freelance columnist: Can you imagine that? ABC News, NBC News, this is, as you said, the viral video of the day. This is shocking news. Yes, that’s exactly right. To see our National Guard being flanked by people who shouldn’t be here, breaking through barbed wire, running right through them. I mean, as a producer, you’re obviously going to say, “okay, we have to do this first, but at least let it be the second or third story.”

They don’t do that, then you turn to CNN. Forget CNN, I’m talking about Infinite space, all the space in the world because it’s the Internet. And if you go to their home page this morning, they have eleven stories about Donald Trump, all negative, of course, all focused on his legal troubles, but zero on what’s going on here.

Same thing with The Washington Post. And it’s going to go on for another 227 days. I have hours in my home studio between now and Election Day. It’s going to be all about Trump, not Trump’s policies, by the way, when it comes to the border, specifically ignoring the fact that Joe Biden can reverse all of this with executive orders to build a border wall.

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