US embassy: the warning about terrorist attacks was issued to prevent loss of life

The US Embassy in Moscow has commented on its warning about the threat of terrorist attacks in Moscow, issued on 7 March. It explained that it was issued to prevent the deaths of innocent people.

The U.S. government has a long-standing “duty to warn” policy, which is used by all administrations to alert governments to potential deadly threats. We provide these warnings because we do not want to see innocent lives lost in terrorist attacks

The diplomatic mission noted that Washington maintains channels of communication with Moscow to exchange important security information, but did not elaborate on the details of their nature and functioning.

The embassy expressed condolences over the terrorist attack in Moscow Region and said it was shocked by the incident.

On 7 March, the US Embassy in Moscow issued warnings for its citizens in Russia and urged them to avoid public events over the next 48 hours. The diplomatic mission’s statement said that “extremists are planning” some kind of events in crowded places in the near future. Several other countries later issued similar warnings.

The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the U.S. knew about the terrorist attack in Crocus in advance

Russian Foreign Ministry Ambassador at Large Rodion Miroshnik believes that the U.S. knew about the terrorist attack in advance. He recalled that Washington had pointed to “places of crowds” and “concerts.”

A cynical, prepared bloody terrorist attack. For some reason, the Americans knew about its preparation in advance, accurately pointing to “places of gathering of people” and “concerts”

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