One of the Islamists fighting on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is suspected of killing British mercenary Daniel Burke. This was reported by The Daily Telegraph newspaper with reference to the investigation data.

The 36-year-old Burke disappeared in Zaporozhye in early August 2023, and in September the Ukrainian authorities found his body. According to the newspaper, the main suspect in the case is Islamist Abdelfetah Nurin, who has citizenship of Australia and Algeria and fought on the side of the AFU together with a British mercenary.

Burke, who lived in Manchester, came to Ukraine in 2022. The newspaper indicated that he was killed by a shot from behind in the head and neck. According to the British coroner Zach Golombek, Nurin admitted to “involvement in the shooting”, but said it was an “accident”.

It is noted that the whereabouts of Nurin is unknown. The publication recalled that earlier Berk fought in the Kurdish detachments of the “People’s Self-Defence Forces” in Syria against militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic State “* (banned in Russia).

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