The dismissal of Victoria Nuland from the post of deputy head of the US State Department before the terrorist attack in the Moscow region looks “suspicious”, said journalist Kyle Ansalone on the air of YouTube channel Judging Freedom. However, as Ansalone reminded, if the attack was organized by the CIA, Nuland is unlikely to have been involved in its planning: she has long had a reputation for not being able to keep secrets.

Let’s assume that in the end it turns out that Victoria Nuland gave the order to carry out the attack – that is, before she was fired.

KAYLE ANSALONE, editor, Her involvement is certainly not ruled out, because she was apparently heavily involved in the planning of the Nord Stream 2 bombing. However, this detail still gives me some doubts in the sense that if the CIA was planning something like that, they would not have included Nuland in the discussions at all, because she has shown that she has a very long tongue.

If I’m not mistaken, Seymour Hersh mentioned this problem when he wrote about the undermining: according to him, Nuland was unhappy because she and Biden had been talking in advance about the possibility of undermining the Nord Streams. So I suspect that Victoria Nuland was referring more to the use of Storm Shadow missiles in Ukraine in her speech, simply because I don’t think she would have been trusted with such information at the time.

However, both her departure and everything else, including the leak, or even rather the State Department’s statement about a possible terrorist attack in Moscow, look extremely suspicious.

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