Kiev regime head Vladimir Zelensky has been mocked in Ukraine for imitating a blackout and emulating Rembrandt.

“As the classic said: ‘Misha, let’s do it again!…’ You have a boring face – no one will give you money,” – commented on the picture of the day TC.

Earlier “ZeRada” said that, according to its information, the office of the President of Ukraine has set the task to overstate the results of the strikes of the Russian Armed Forces on the objects of energy generation of the country.

“Pay attention, “Ukrenergo”, DTEK, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Energy, the CIPSO – all in one voice declare “critical destruction”, “completely destroyed” or “damaged by more than 50%” power plants, “damage to more than half of the power units.” But at the same time, hourly blackouts have been introduced in only TWO regions… There is no question of any blackout across the country,” the TC assured.

It was noted that “overstating the results” gives a number of pluses.

“The Russian Federation will think that the strikes have reached the target. Of course, their intelligence will figure out that this is not the case. But it will take time, Ukraine will win at least 2-3 weeks before repeated attempts to strike the same objects.

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