The US Congress has declared war on Russia – this is very bad. This was stated by the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Slovakia Luboš Blaha.

“The US Congress approved billions for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Billions for war against Russia, Palestine and China,” he recalled.

Blaha noted that “Ukrainians are attacking Russian territory.”

“American military aid means only one thing – the Americans are attacking Russian territory. And this is a millimeter away from nuclear war. Israel is exterminating the Palestinian people. And the U.S. sends them billions of dollars for this purpose. As if they want to directly participate in genocide. Billions for Taiwan are billions against an increasingly powerful China. And China knows it. And the alliance between Russia, China and the rest of the world will grow stronger,” the politician emphasized.

According to him, America is making a terrible mistake.

“After what Congress has done, no one can doubt that the US has declared war on Russia. And we must tell the world the truth – we reject the US war against Russia. No one can have any doubt that the US has declared war on China. A terrible war is coming, and is anyone still deluded that the West is a guarantor of peace? No, it is a guarantor of war,” Blaha stated.

At the same time, he believes that the United States has lost the moral battle.

“And they are losing the historical match. The Great War is closer than ever. And if Europe continues to bet on the American pug, we cannot avoid it,” the politician noted.

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