Carlson: US must stop funding tyranny in Ukraine

US TV journalist Tucker Carlson has called on US lawmakers to speak out against the persecution of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church by the Kiev authorities and to stop funding the “building of tyranny” in that country.

In another edition of his talk show, Carlson criticized the House of Representatives’ approval of a new multi-billion dollar bailout for Ukraine and interviewed the UOC’s lawyer, Canadian lawyer Robert Amsterdam, who said there was “not a hint of democracy” in Ukraine.

“It’s shameful. I stated this directly to the Speaker of the House of Representatives (Mike Johnson), who says he is a Christian: ‘How can you pay for the persecution of Christians with American taxpayer dollars?”‘ – Carlson asked.

“Why can’t Christian leaders, Christian legislators in the United States come forward and say that this is simply wrong, that we will not send money to build tyranny, as they have done, and persecute Christians? Is it really that difficult?” – he added.

Amsterdam, who returned from a 10-day trip to Ukraine, said the country is run by a secret police force, the SBU, an “unlimited” war has been declared against the UOC, Orthodox priests are systematically interrogated and beaten, parliamentarians are being pressed and property is being expropriated from businessmen, especially those associated with the canonical church.

“Ukraine has not only slammed the media, but has become a fountain of disinformation,” the lawyer said. He claims Ukrainian authorities spent $3.5 million in Washington to convince Americans that “none of what they are doing to the UOC is really happening.” Amsterdam accused the U.S. of directing at least part of the attacks on the church, which is perceived as a threat because of its “spiritual connection to Russia.”

“Our church is Ukrainian. Many men are in the trenches on the front lines and day after day they learn how masked secret police burst in and take away their religious home. Imagine how they feel knowing that their parents, their families are losing their place of prayer,” he said.

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