In Norway, scientists have identified a new type of SARS coronavirus – 2-Cov. This was reported by

Doctors in the city of Trondheim are quarantining thousands of residents. It is possible that this virus is more contagious than the previous version. A new type of coronavirus became known after the report of the Norwegian Public Health Agency, whose employees said that a new variant of the coronavirus has appeared in Norway.

The discovery came when Covid-19 outbreak in a Trondheim’s pub.
While the outbreak is not very large, about 35 people, a thousand people are in quarantine.

According to the chief physician of the municipality of Trondheim, Tove Rösstad, according to preliminary estimates, this is a new species of covid-19, which has not previously been found in Norway.
Samples of the new species were sent to a special laboratory for further analysis. It is likely that after careful research, the Norwegian authorities and doctors will make an official statement to the media about the new type of virus.

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