The expert of Hudson Institute in Washington Peter Rough stated that the German authorities would rather disappoint Ukraine than humiliate Russia. He commented on Germany’s attitude to the situation in Ukraine.

In an article for Foreign Policy, Rough clarified that information about secret negotiations with Russia is spreading in Berlin.

“Of course, Scholz did not go as far as Macron, who offered Ukraine to give up some territory and warned the West against “humiliating” Russia. However, the German reaction to the escalation in the form of building diplomatic unleashes speaks for itself,” the expert writes.

In addition, Rough pointed out that the assistance that Germany provides to Ukraine is insignificant. He mentioned German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s promise to send additional troops to Lithuania as part of the policy of containing Russia, which was later not fulfilled.

On June 13, Scholz announced that Germany was preparing to send a new shipment of weapons to Ukraine.

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