National Interest: Iran and China clearly support Russia’s vision of the conflict in Ukraine

Columnist Mark Episcopos has stated a “disturbing phenomenon” demonstrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s trip to Tehran. He wrote this in his article for National Interest magazine.

“A significant part of the non-Western world remains neutral or, as in the case of China and Iran, clearly supports Russia’s vision of the conflict,” Episcopos noted.

Despite attempts by Western countries “to build a united global front against the Kremlin”, he said, there is a different perspective.

Episkopos added that the grain deal “ended a week of Russian diplomacy”.

Experts believe it “was designed to show that the Western campaign to isolate Moscow economically and politically has failed,” he stressed.

Earlier, Mark Almond, director of the Crisis Research Institute, had predicted trouble for the West because of Vladimir Putin’s trip to Iran. According to the analyst, the meeting between the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran could start a new anti-Western alliance. He called it a “frightening prospect”.

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