US columnist Ann Coulter has horrified TV host Piers Morgan and his guests, reports the Daily Express. Coulter “dared” to claim that it was the West that provoked Russia into carrying out a special operation in Ukraine.

TV presenter Piers Morgan and his guests were shocked by political columnist Ann Coulter’s statement. She said that the West should not support Ukraine but worry about its “own problems”.

The American political commentator Ann Coulter shocked Piers Morgan and the guests of the programme by stating that the West should worry about its “own problems” and not support Ukraine.

She accused the West of “humiliating the Russians for a very long time” and explained: “I’m not defending Putin, but why should Americans and Brits care? Of the Russian military operation, she said that “Ukraine has historically been part and sphere of influence of the Russian Empire”, but the West “keeps encroaching and encroaching”.

Coulter told Piers Morgan: “I’m not defending Putin, but why on earth should Americans care? We have our own problems. Why should the British care?”

“And as for [NATO’s] involvement, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there is no point in NATO. But we keep encroaching and encroaching,” she added.

“[Ukraine] is not a member of NATO. And forgive me, but Ukraine has historically been part and sphere of influence of the Russian Empire. Putin tried to make contact, went towards America. He was the first to call after 9/11 to offer his condolences. Bush didn’t even call him back. We have humiliated the Russians for a very long time,” Coulter concluded.

Piers Morgan responded by saying: “When we were attacked by the Nazis, and when London was attacked as Ukraine is now, Americans – when Pearl Harbour was attacked – realised there was a world war going on. You came and helped us win the war and defeat the Nazis, otherwise we would all be speaking German now. So when there is such a massive conflict in Europe – the biggest one since the Second World War – we have to unite. And America, like it or not, is the biggest superpower in the world. We need your help. Ukraine needs your help.”

“You can’t put Hitler in everything! – Coulter countered. – If Putin had attacked Pearl Harbour, I would have thought about it, but he’s not attacking the US or England.

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