RT: army colonel Baranyuk calls Javelin systems useless weapon

The FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile systems (ATMS), which were transferred to Ukraine by the United States, have not proved themselves in any way. The captured colonel Volodymyr Baranyuk, who commanded the 36th brigade of marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), said this. His words are quoted by Russia Today.

“We never managed to make a single launch. To me, it’s just an absolutely useless weapon. Because there was always something in the way,” he said.

In addition, Baranyuk admitted that one of the complexes handed over to the brigade was broken while being moved out of the vehicle.

According to the Ukrainian soldier, the AFU could not figure out how to use the weapon. “With the second one they tried to figure out how to shoot. Someone from the manual, someone watching YouTube. No one knows English, and no one explained anything to us,” Baranyuk said.

Earlier, the Pentagon said that the USA would allocate one billion dollars as military aid to Ukraine. This aid package will include one thousand Javelin anti-tank systems, hundreds of AT4 anti-tank grenade launchers and 50 armoured medical vehicles.

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