Nancy Pelosi vowed not to let China isolate Taiwan

The House Speaker, who visited Taiwan, laughed off China’s sanctions imposed on her.

Washington has no intention of respecting the sovereignty of a foreign country. This was in fact confirmed by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

She said Beijing will not be able to prevent US officials from travelling to Taiwan. And she views China’s individual sanctions even with disdain.

“What has been your reaction to China’s sanctions against you?” – Pelosi was asked.

“None. Seriously, who cares?” – she replied.

Pelosi’s recent trip to Taiwan was followed by millions of people around the world. Many expected hostilities to break out because of the highly negative reaction from Beijing, which believes the visit violated the “one China” principle.

China’s ambassador to Russia said today that his country could not allow the ” jungle law” to prevail again in its foreign policy.

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