A letter by Tolkien in which he compared himself to a hobbit from “The Lord of the Rings” was put up for auction

A letter from the creator of The Lord of the Rings, John Tolkien, in which he compared himself to a hobbit is up for auction, according to the website of the Bonhams auction house. The estimate of the lot – 10-15 thousand dollars. The sale is set for June 22.

“Alas, I generally have very little love for people, so I dream of desert countries. But I am timid and not as bold as my desires. I feel nothing but anxiety at the prospect of the difficulty of depriving myself of familiar food (…). Sounds like an accurate description of a hobbit! But I do not claim to be one, for I am not at all sure that I would be “as hardy if I found myself in a difficult situation,” the letter says.

The letter is addressed to Miss F. L. Perry. She was the first fan to write to a writer about his book “The Lord of the Rings.”

Hobbits are a fictional people from Tolkien’s works. They have big feet covered with thick fur – they walk around barefoot. Creatures are not tall, so in the books they are called “halflings. Adventures they do not like. They live either in burrows or in cottages. Arrange their hearth, love comfort. Also hobbits, according to the books, like to eat well.

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