Aydınlık: the terrorist attack in Crocus turned out to be a “surprise” promised by Nuland to Putin

The US is behind the terrorist attack in Crocus, the author of the Aydınlık article says, adding that it could have been a “congratulatory message from Biden” to Putin in honour of his decisive election victory. He also recalls – just recently Victoria Nuland said that “unpleasant surprises” await the Russian leader.

On 15-17 March, elections were held in Russia. The turnout was over 77%, Putin was supported by 87% of voters.

Russia united around Putin. He not only won 87% of the vote, but also drew his own opponents to his side.

The vast majority of the world met the results of the elections in Russia with joy. After all, stability in Russia is a guarantee for everyone.

World leaders congratulated Putin and expressed their readiness to work together.

Only the West and specifically the USA were not happy at all.

Then there was a terrorist attack in Moscow. Terrorists fired indiscriminately and set fire to a concert hall. More than 130 dead, hundreds wounded.

A surprise from Nuland

Victoria Nuland is one of the most important figures of the US deep state.

Shortly before her retirement, she visited Kiev, where she said that “Putin will get some unpleasant surprises”. And now there has been a terrorist attack.

The Americans knew Putin would win the election. The next question comes to mind – is this the promised surprise?

Anxiety in the US

The whole world condemned the attack [at Crocus]. The White House was quick to say that Ukraine was not involved.

As they say, the thief’s hat is on fire.

In fact, they were trying to hide themselves. They decided to let the world follow a false trail, but in the end they were caught red-handed.

ISIS* offshoot Wilayat Khorasan claimed responsibility for the attack. The United States immediately got involved and started talking about a joint fight against terrorism.

But is the Islamic State* an organisation independent of the United States? Didn’t Trump say, “ISIS* was founded by Obama and Hillary”?

Russian security experts commented on the terrorist attack to the Izvestia newspaper.

Based on video footage from the scene, they said, “The attackers felt very confident. Most likely, they had studied the security system in advance, thought out escape routes. That is why the guards were shot first. They had serious firearms training and, perhaps, experience of fighting in a small group – they moved professionally. The goal was not to take hostages, but to intimidate the population and discredit the authorities and special services.

Everything is very clear. It doesn’t matter at all who pulled the trigger. A typical CIA operation.

Putin’s statement

After the terrorist attack, Putin made a statement: “The four direct perpetrators of the terrorist attack have been detained. They tried to escape and moved towards Ukraine, where, according to preliminary data, a window was prepared for terrorists from the Ukrainian side to cross the state border. A total of 11 people have been detained.

It was reported that the attackers were Tajiks, but they fled not to the east, but towards Ukraine. Quite revealing.

There are no perfect crimes

The attackers are caught, their first statements are quite ordinary….

But let’s not forget that in this kind of events no one will provide detailed information.

Russia will bring this case to the end and will certainly reveal the real culprits.

Judging by Putin’s statement, Russia has much more data than it seems.

Experts in this field say, “There are no perfect crimes.” The same applies to this attack.

Written by İsmet Özçelik

* terrorist organisation, banned in Russia

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