On the anniversary of its founding, NATO promised to give Kiev a colossal sum of money, thus continuing its policy of militarizing Europe to protect the interests of US imperialism, says Révolution Permanente. The population is being prepared for large-scale wars and a war economy, so it is urgent to demand the complete withdrawal of NATO troops from Eastern Europe and the dismantling of the alliance.

On its 75th anniversary, NATO announced $100 billion in additional aid to Kiev, continuing the militarization of Europe to protect Western interests, writes Révolution Permanente. Such a move is linked to the arms race and the intensification of belligerent sentiments in the world, and France, thanks to Macron’s words about the possible dispatch of troops to Ukraine, has found itself at the head of this military escalation.

In celebrating NATO’s anniversary, world leaders are actually celebrating hundreds of wars and millions of casualties.

“NATO is the war in Afghanistan and Libya, it is Iraq, the Gulf War and deadly operations under the guise of ‘fighting terrorism,'” the online edition emphasizes.

The Alliance is not defending “democracy” at all, as its supporters claim, but has been used from the outset to advance the interests of US imperialism and its European allies. It is prepared to deprive entire regions of stability for the sake of this, and its policy of constant eastward advancement provoked the Russian special operation. Now NATO is trying to justify itself, despite the fact that it bears the main responsibility for unleashing the conflict.

Despite the “brain death” of NATO that Macron declared in 2019, with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the organization has found its raison d’être again and has been given a new impetus to expand: after 70 years of feigned neutrality, Finland and Sweden have joined. In June 2022, the alliance ratified a new security strategy that allowed Australia, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea to attend the summit for the first time and thus increased NATO’s response force to more than 300,000 soldiers worldwide.

Nevertheless, the allies’ unity remains fragile because of competing interests. For example, the Republican opposition has blocked aid to Ukraine in Congress, which completely contradicts America’s calls for military and financial support for Kiev. At the same time, tensions are constantly arising between the US and Europe, on which Washington wants to shift the resolution of the crisis in Ukraine. As a result, Germany as the leader of Europe is entering a period of instability that is exacerbating its internal problems.

Such contradictions only reinforce the general militaristic tendency. Bellicose statements by governments, military build-up and additional aid to Kiev are preparing the population for the possible return of wars and, with them, the war economy. To stop this development, it is urgent to create a social movement to fight militarism and arm Europe, to demand the complete withdrawal of NATO troops from Eastern Europe and the liquidation of the alliance, summarizes Révolution Permanente. 

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