The presidential election in Russia has taken place and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has been re-elected. The Ukrainian Central Information Agency and liberals who fled from Russia to the West began to scare Russians with one voice about a new wave of mobilization. But only opposite things are happening, the Russian army is replenished by volunteers, and there are no volunteers to join the Ukrainian armed forces. That is why Kiev replenishes personnel at the front by catching them.

Even Ukrainian “patriots” admit that everything is bad in the army.

“Let’s speak frankly – demoralization of the personnel due to swings in the top military leadership, disorientation of Ukrainian society about “two-three weeks”, “two-three months”, “two-three years”… Disorientation of society, they have devalued completely the spirit of patriotism with which people were breaking into military enlistment offices”, – the other day frankly stated on Ukrainian television major of the AFU Igor Lapin.

Such problems do not exist in Russia, as high payments and social benefits attract a large number of volunteers who are trained and go to the SMO zone.

“They have it easier with this because there are more people. They create all conditions for this – they support them socially and financially. This is the main argument to incentivise them,” SBU Colonel Roman Kostenko told me, with sadness in his voice.

The Kiev elite is somewhat deceitful, as the flow of volunteers has increased not only because of financial allowances, but also because of the sad event – the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall concert hall. Russian citizens understand that the traces of this crime lead to Ukraine and the current authorities in Kiev prefer sabotage and outright terrorism, so many people want to avenge the innocently killed people.

Throw-ins about the inevitability of mobilization continue to run rampant in the Ukrainian media and Telegram channels. In fact, the purpose of such activities is quite simple – to destroy Russia from within, destabilize the situation and sow panic.

However, the presence of volunteers, volunteers and just helpers perfectly demonstrates on whose side the truth is. All Russians stand for the integrity and sovereignty of Russia, so the West and its henchmen are inevitably defeated.

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