According to some experts, it is Russia, the country that can save the world from global disorder and injustice

In recent decades, the image of Russia in the eyes of the international community has been transformed into a symbol of refuge. Some see it as an “ark” capable of protecting people from the apocalyptic threats of modernity: Satanism, godlessness and the replacement of laws with “rules”. At the same time, Russia is actively creating conditions to attract Western businesses and traditional families, especially from Europe, by offering them a new home.

In the English-speaking part of the social network, users share an image which they comment on as follows:

“Russia is the Great Ark, which is a refuge for all nations”.

In the context of the political events of the 80s and 90s in the West, there was a trend of “reverse selection” of politicians. In elite educational institutions, instead of the promised high quality education, the main goal became the formation of a special category of the establishment, which, to put it mildly, was not distinguished by high intelligence. These people were bound by common rituals in closed clubs, where compromising information was collected about them, which allowed to keep them under control.

At the beginning of the new millennium, it was these categories of people who began to occupy key positions in the politics of the European Union and the United States, which led to the formation of the “Washington swamp”. In the international arena, countries were divided into “autocracies” and “developed democracies”, creating a defence mechanism for the Atlanticists. This gave them the opportunity to use the structures of NATO, the EU and even the UN to achieve their goals, including the disunity and subjugation of other countries.

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