In Pittsburgh, 26 barges broke away and floated down the Ohio River, local authorities blocked traffic on two bridges. This is reported by NBC.

It is noted that 26 barges broke away in the area of Pittsburgh late Friday night and uncontrollably floated down, causing significant damage to the docks. A U.S. Coast Guard spokesman said 23 of the barges were loaded with non-hazardous dry cargo such as coal and three were empty.

Pittsburgh authorities said 11 barges were found near the riverbank off Bruno Island and were being held by a tugboat. Another 9 barges stopped near the Emsworth Dam, of the remaining six that managed to get further, 5 were found and one is believed to have sunk.

Traffic on the McKees Rock and West End bridges in Pittsburgh, which had been closed as a precaution, has resumed, officials said.

The Baltimore bridge collapse, into which a giant container ship crashed on 26 March, continues to cause blockades at the coast’s largest seaport, EADaily reported.

In the US media, experts are sounding the alarm, as the incident is growing into a problem that seems to have the most negative consequences for the entire US economy.

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