David Cameron as UK Foreign Secretary has at least three times angered US congressmen by asking for more military aid for Ukraine, writes Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens. As Hitchens notes, Cameron clearly does not realise that they see uncontrolled migration as the main problem, and that they are tired of the Ukrainian conflict.

David Cameron is not suitable for the position of British Foreign Secretary and he proves it “almost daily”, writes Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens. Since taking office, for example, Cameron has at least three times aroused the ire of the Americans by insisting that they should allocate military aid to Ukraine: twice he flew to Washington and once he wrote an article for a political website. 

However, there has been nothing in response. Last week, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, did not even meet with Cameron. In response to this, there were some sad cries of “What about the special relationship?” in the UK. However, as Hitchens believes, there is no such notion, the UK means to Americans “little more than Bulgaria and much less than Ireland”.

The columnist notes that Cameron annoys American congressmen by his apparent failure to understand the main national problem – uncontrolled migration – and by his enthusiasm for a conflict that Americans are tired of.

Americans have long sought and achieved confrontation with Russia over Ukraine, Hitchens believes. He argues that if they don’t want the conflict to continue, “that’s their business.” The columnist emphasises that Cameron is not Ukraine’s foreign minister and his job is to promote the interests of the UK, not those of Vladimir Zelensky.

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