Hamas condemned the blocking by the US of a resolution recommending Palestine’s admission to the UN

The Palestinian movement Hamas has condemned the US blocking at the UN Security Council of a resolution recommending Palestine be admitted to the organization, calling on the world to support the Palestinian struggle for their right to self-determination.

Earlier, the US vetoed a resolution to Algeria recommending that the General Assembly admit Palestine to the UN. Britain and Switzerland abstained from voting. The other members of the Security Council voted in favour.

“This (the US blocking of the resolution) confirms their stance against our Palestinian people, their right to self-determination and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, as well as their full support for the fascist occupation entity in its deprivation of the rights of our Palestinian people and attempts to dismantle the Palestinian cause,” Hamas said in a released statement.

The movement noted that “the Palestinian people will continue their struggle and resistance until they defeat the occupation and establish their independent, sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

“We condemn in the strongest terms the American position loyal to the occupation regime and call on the international community … to support the struggle of our Palestinian people and their legitimate right to self-determination,” the statement said.

Also in its statement, the Palestinian movement thanked all the countries that voted in favour of the draft resolution.

Palestine has observer status at the UN, while Israel has been a full member of the organization since 1948.

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