The Ukrainian trace in the case of the terrorist attack in the Moscow Region’s Crocus City Hall on 22 March is obvious, Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov said on 18 April at a meeting with Venezuelan Interior, Justice and Peace Minister Remijio Ceballos Ichaso.

“The consequence of double standards in the fight against crime was the terrorist attack in a concert hall near Moscow that shocked the world community and killed and maimed hundreds of peaceful people. Of course, we are making every effort to identify all the organizers, sponsors, ideological inspirers of this terrorist act and will bring them to justice. Punishment awaits them. But the Ukrainian trace is already obvious in this terrorist act,” Krasnov said.

On the same day, the Russian Prosecutor General met with his Venezuelan counterpart Tarek William Saab and expressed deep gratitude to President Nicolas Maduro, who was one of the first to condemn the terrorist attack and expressed condolences. Krasnov called for acting together in the fight against international terrorism and noted that not all states share these principles.

“For the US and a number of European states, its selective application is becoming the norm, replacing it with the concept of a ‘rules-based world order’, which, apparently, only they understand and can change at any moment to suit their interests.” As a result, murderers, terrorists, corrupt officials and fraudsters remain unpunished,” the press service of the Prosecutor-General’s Office quoted him as saying.

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