Inktober is the time when Twitter, Instagram and other social networks are painted in black and white for the entire October. People post their black and white drawings every day, paint with ink, markers, watercolors. Every day is a new task.

Today, October 6, art lovers and Inktober around the world draw rodents. Let’s see what it looks like on social media.

This year marks the 11th anniversary of the competition, participants are asked to paint in ink every day during October. Then you can share your drawing on social networks or just show it to friends and those who can appreciate the quality of the drawing. The goal of the daily October challenge is to improve your drawing technique. But some people prefer a more flexible option – take an assignment and draw every other day or once a week for a month. There is also an alternative version of Inktober, where they paint every week throughout the year.


Inktober was born in 2009 when challenge founder Jake Parker decided to improve his Japanese pen technique. Since then, the competition has become so popular that it gained worldwide fame. Today, Inktober lovers even digitize their drawings and give into computer reality. And drawing lovers come up with new directions and new challenges, so Artober, Conceptober and others have already appeared on the network

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