At this moment, the US House of Representatives is debating a resolution of impeachment for outgoing President Donald Trump. He will likely become the first leader in United States history to be impeached twice, but the final decision to remove from office is up to the Senate.

One vote has already taken place in the House of Representatives – it concerned the procedure for discussing impeachment. Now Congressmen are debating already on the charges brought against Donald Trump – the article “incitement to rebellion.” The reason for it was the events in Washington, when the president’s supporters, after his call to go to Congress, stormed the Capitol, then five people were killed. This was the last straw, says a member of the Democratic Party Ilhan Omar.

After the debate, the final vote on the impeachment resolution will take place, and it will be adopted – the Democrats have control in the House of Representatives, and some Republicans have already announced their readiness to support the resolution. But after that, the resolution must pass the Senate, he is now on vacation – until January 19, and the leader of the majority Republican Mitch McConnell refused to convene a meeting of the upper house until the end of the vacation. Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th. However, the Senate can make a decision on impeachment after Trump’s departure – and if it is not in his favor, the politician will no longer be able to apply for other public positions.

Democrats also tried to get Trump removed through the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, citing the incapacity of the head of state. But Vice President Mike Pence refused to comply with the party’s demand.

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