.According to Vladimir Putin, according to the established tradition, during the forum, the key, most pressing issues of the modern economy will be discussed with the participation of government officials, heads of major companies, corporations and banks, authoritative experts, young entrepreneurs who have already taken a successful business start.

As the President of Russia noted, without building up equal and constructive cooperation between members of the world community, expanding multifaceted business ties, it is impossible to effectively resist global challenges and provide conditions for sustainable development. He also emphasized that he
has long been carrying out such work within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union, introducing the rules of free trade, mutually beneficial exchange of investments and technologies. We are ready to share our experience in areas such as healthcare and digitalization, telecommunications, energy and transport infrastructure, and work on issues in the field of the environmental and climate agenda.

The main theme of SPIEF 2021 is “Together again. Economics of the New Reality ”. The main business program consists of four thematic blocks: “Uniting efforts for the sake of development”, “National development goals: from objectives to results”, “Man in a new reality. Responding to global challenges ”and“ Technologies expanding horizons ”.

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