Bruce Willis’ daughter Tallulah told about the well-being of her father, who has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. She shared the details in an interview with Vogue.

“He still knows who I am and perks up when I walk into the room. (He almost always recognises me, except on the rare bad days. The difference between frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer’s, at least in the early stages, is that in the first case speech and motor skills are impaired, while in the second, memory suffers more),” Tallulah says.

According to her, Bruce Willis can now be found in his home on the ground floor. There’s a combined kitchen, dining room and living room, as well as his office. Tallulah noted that the illness has not affected his mobility.

The fact that the action star was seriously ill came to light during the winter. His daughter confesses that she had long noticed that something was wrong with her father. She says that it all started with some insensitivity in her father. The family attributed it to the actor’s hearing problems. However, the symptom later widened. Tallulah took Bruce’s behaviour to heart. He had two daughters from his marriage to Emme Hemming and the girl decided that her father was no longer interested in her.

At first, Tallulah treated Bruce’s health problems with a kind of denial and avoidance. The fact is that she has been struggling with anorexia nervosa for four years now. She has also been treated for depression and ADHD. The actor’s heiress was recently newly diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. The illness affects her ability to control her emotions and maintain stable relationships, the girl explained.

Tallulah is the youngest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. The actors were married from 1987 to 2000. They had a total of three children together.

Earlier, it was reported that Moore and Willis became grandparents. Their eldest daughter in common, Rumer, gave birth to a daughter.

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