Coca-Cola topped the ranking of manufacturers responsible for the largest amount of plastic waste in the world, France info cites the findings of the Break free from plastic working group. Although the U.S. beverage supplier’s plastic waste has doubled since 2018, it co-sponsored the U.N. Climate Conference.

The Coca-Cola company pollutes the world with plastic more than any other corporation, France info writes with reference to the annual report of the Break free from plastic working group. This organization brings together 2,000 associations, which collect waste in 87 countries to identify businesses responsible for the largest amount of plastic waste.

As the publication tells us, American Coca-Cola has topped the list of top polluters for five years. Since 2018, the number of plastic waste collected by this manufacturer has doubled. Murielle Papin, director general of the French association No plastic in my sea, denounced Coca-Cola’s participation as a sponsor of the 27th UN Climate Conference. According to her, various environmental initiatives are announced at the summit, which are then not implemented.

As for France, here the palm of the first place in plastic pollution was given to American tobacco company Philipp Morris, with another tobacco company British and American Tobacco in second place. The top ten also includes Coca-Cola, Japan Tobacco, Danone, Ferrero, Haribo and Mars, and last is Alma group – producer of bottled water Cristaline, Saint-Yorre, Vichy and Courmayeur.

France info concludes by pointing out that along with other French organizations No plastic in my sea requires, pending a future international agreement in 2024, to better comply with the 2020 law, which aims to reduce this type of plastic waste.

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